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2013 Search Engine Optimization Trends

2013 Search Engine Optimization Trends

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Since 2012, GoogleGoogle Says Duplicate Content Won’t hurt your site unless its spammy. Read more ... » has been really busy updating their search engine algorithms to kick out web spam out of their search results, trying to make the searches better and relevant for the end users. Google left almost every webmasters and site owners terrified and successfully gave them panic attacks with their frequent updates and algo refreshes.

For the sake of killing web spam, Google introduced updates such as Panda and Penguin but honestly speaking they have killed more of the white hat sites rather than cleaning spam sites out of ground. Giving horrible nightmare to webmasters of being penalized with their Panda and Penguin updates and forced many to stop their regular SEOContent Marketing Value And How It Boost Traffic. Read more ... » practices. But does that anyway points out that SEO is all over after the updates? No not at all, it’s pretty clear how Google runs their business and it’s nothing new. Everything is going in a normal way, just the SEO strategy has changed completely since last few years. It’s an everyday day challenge, those who can take it up are in the game and the rests have to think of an alternative.  You just need to focus on the basics of SEO and need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends which Google seems to follow and which will definitely lead you to your ultimate goal.

Post Penguin Seo Trends

Google-Penguin-2.0Google Webmasters and many self-proclaimed SEO experts would suggest you not to over optimize your SEO campaign but frankly speaking, there is no success without even trying. I am not telling you to over optimize your SEO campaign or pushing it too hard which won’t help you in anyway. Just keep things normal and make it natural being on the safe zone. Restructure your SEO strategy, as things which might have worked for you in the year 2012, might not work now. After May 22nd 2013 with Google Penguin 2.0 update, things have really changed a lot. On a side note you should always do a split testing about what is working out for you and what’s not.

Now, let’s discuss things we should focus on or SEO strategy post Penguin 2.0 Update.

Search Engine optimization Strategies To Follow in 2013

On-Page Seo:-

  1. Proper meta tags including proper title, meta description and meta keywords. However, the usefulness of meta keywords is a myth and there has been so many debates on whether or not it still holds value in On-page seo but not going too much deep into that and making myself straight to the point, you shouldn’t ignore it as it won’t harm you until you are using it wisely. There are many ways to use it properly and effectively.
  2. Page loading time does play a role in On-page seo but not in huge percentage. So, the less the load time is, the better it is for your site and also for your users experience.
  3. Your domain TLD and hosting IP. It’s very crucial and plays a huge role in On-Page seo when it comes to local search engine optimization; perhaps you can say country specific search engine optimization. Many seem to overlook this point but it gets your job half done, so don’t underestimate it.
  4. Clear navigation and structure for your site. Though it contributes merely a very small fraction on On-page seo but still I won’t leave any stone unturned.
  5. Keep your site clean from any kind of cloacking, unnecessary redirects, proper 404 page not found error pages, unnecessary pop ups.
  6. Content-is-kingYour Website’s Content will play a huge role as off now. After all the recent updates and refreshes, Google is highly considering content to play a big role in ranking a website. Content has always been the king and will remain the same no matter what changes Google brings, they simply can’t go anywhere without content. Always try to have very high quality content for your end users and avoid duplicate contentMatt Cutts Says Content Stitching Is Not Good. Read more ... ». Site’s with thin content or no content, spun content, scrapped contentMatt Cutts Says Content Stitching Is Not Good. Read more ... », duplicate content has been hit very badly in this recent Penguin 2.0 updates. So put more effort on producing quality content for your site which is surely going to help you in long run.
  7. Please avoid keyword stuffing in meta keywords or any other places in your site.
  8. Use Header tags very carefully. Over using it can get your site penalized. Don’t bold your keywords on your site to draw attention as it will be considered as over optimization. To be on the safe zone you can use the H1 header tags once, H2 header tags for sub-heading maximum 2 times and for the rest use H3 and H4 header tags.

Off-Page Seo:-

This is a very vast area for discussion and I will simply cover up the points which you should take care off.

With proper On-page SEO, High quality content you can move forward with your link building strategies but make sure you compile by the latest Google trends.

Authority:- It’s the game changer with all the updates going in and around the web. It has been known to all but has been hardly discussed. Few contributing factors to a site’s authority are domain age, Domain authority(DA), Page Authority(PA), Moz rank, Compete rank etc. the higher the ranking values are the better it is for your site. It takes month and years to build good authority for your site and not built in one day. This has been the old rules to build the authority of site. Since, 2012 the game has changed a little when Google announced to consider social signals into consideration. Webmasters started manipulating the system with fake social shares and signals. Now in 2013 this scenario has again changed. The key now lies in to get the real shares and social signals from real and authority profiles. So, stop manipulating the system as it will bring you no good at the end. Do everything in a white hat and ethical way to rip off the benefits.
social-signals♛ Social Signals: – In 2012, Google played a small trick and started following Social mediaPinterest's Big Leap To Make Pinner's Life Easier With New Tools. Read more ... » signals to rank website higher in SERP. Many manipulated this trend and started ranking sites with fake social signals. As a result there were unstable ranking updates and many got kicked out of the game. But in 2013, things will be little different. Google will surely follow social signal but would consider if they are and coming from authority real profiles. As mentioned in the above point, stop manipulating social signals and shares. It does contribute a lot into Off-page seo, so use it wisely to see maximum effects. SEO is not a one day work, so you must do it slowly and steadily if you looking for a long term ranking.


♛ Anchors used for backlinks: – In earlier days, building backlinks with just anchor text has worked for everyone but now it’s not the same. So make your plan on how to use anchor text while building backlinks as over optimizing your campaign can penalize you. Google is now really very serious about it and I don’t think you would like to get penalized. Make your site look natural with varying anchor text in backlinks. You can use your own Anchor Diversification flow-chart, below is the one which I follow and recommend:-

  1. Naked url:- 15%
  2. Domain Branding:- 10%
  3. Secondary Domain Branding:- 10%
  4. Primary Keywords:- 15%
  5. Secondary Keywords:- 10%
  6. Primary Keywords Variants: – 5%
  7. Secondary keywords Variants: – 5%
  8. Generic Keywords:- 20%
  9. Other Generic anchor diversification Keywords:- 10%


 Anchor Diversification flow-chart

You simply need to diversify the anchors for your backlinks to make things look natural. It’s the best way to move forward post Penguin 2.0.

backlinks_quality_vs_quantityQuality Backlinks over Quantity backlinks: – Quality backlinks has always won over quantity backlinks in long run, so it’s a thing which everybody needs to focus on. When you are building tier 1 backlinks which is directly pointing to your money site, build it very carefully and make it of high quality so that you can survive any upcoming updates. Backlinks can produce link juice for your money site only when they are indexed on Google, so building tons of backlinks which won’t get indexed or are of very low profile won’t do anything good for your site.

Try avoiding Spammy links (Low-level blog comments from low profile sites & low-level directory links), Paid links such as footer links, blogroll links and blog network links as they are highly suspicious in google’s eye.

Say Final Good-Bye To Manipulated Press Releases. Matt Cutts has already mentioned his thoughts on press release and they have already devalued top Press Release networks like PRweb and also others. Nowadays, Press release doesn’t help you anyway, and we haven’t seen any kind of SERP movement with press release. So, if you are planning to broadcast your news to your targeted audience then it’s good for you, else if you are looking for backlinks then just forget it and say good bye forever.


The Importance of Google Authorship:- Before Saying anything, let’s see what Matt Cutts has to say about Google Authorship.

authorrankMany seem to underestimate it, but I want to highlight few points about why you should emphasis on it. Google has been picking up authorship very rapidly just to push their Google+. But they are emphasizing it on a lot more different way. Author Rank is what Google really after along with pushing their Google+. Along with all the Penguin Updates to target Spam, Google needs a way to measure quality and that’s where Author Rank comes in. Google needs a reliable source to predict the quality of the new content and sites and the historic background of the author will help Google providing the data. Google takes Google plus user’s knowledge, interest about a certain topic seriously and it does so by analyzing the user’s social interaction, posts and shares. Thus, authorship is a simplest way for Google to measure quality and Google is going to take Author Rank to the next level. So if you are still lagging behind, then it’s high time to build your authorship and author trust for future Google updatesGoogle Is Coming Big This Time With PENGUIN 2.0. Read more ... ». Last but not the least, Google authorship doesn’t only creates a base for your Author rank but it will also help you increase your CTR from normal Google searches.
KINGDOMSEO Banner 2 - 250x250

I have Pinned an Infographics of 200 Seo Ranking Factors, you might find it helpful. Any Comment and suggestion is highly appreciated.

Thats all for now folks. If you have any good tips Great Ideato share then follow the comment box.

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