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Content Marketing Value And How It Boost Traffic

Content Marketing Value And How It Boost Traffic

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Content Marketing[Infographics] 25 Top Content Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Use. Read more ... » Value And How It Boost Traffic – “Why is SEO not alone?”

Lots of marketers do hire SEO companies for their website traffic. In the vast competition of businesses in the web, entrepreneurs are doing their best to gain traffic into their websites. There are 2 major ways to have STABLE traffic into a website, one is having good content and the other one is SEO. These two are very important in bringing up your website into having a good page rankWhat To Look For While Checking Authority Of A Site. Read more ... ». On the other hand, people nowadays do tend to change the way internet marketing should be done, but instead, most people are now rushing things and is putting their focus into the famous SEO, disregarding the values of content marketing.

In my opinion and experience, SEO will actually bring you traffic without having too much attention with the values of content marketing, and thus will grant you immediate on the spot revenue at times. Well, there is a bad side effect of doing SEO alone and that is “temporary traffic”. So what are the reasons why it will only give you temporary happiness? – The reason is simple, people never goes back to your website.

So now I’ll be telling you what are the values of content marketing and how does it boost STABLE traffic into a website regardless if it’s SEO optimized or not.

  • Referrals – One important value of content marketing are the referrals. We all know that internet marketing is quite different from marketing a business locally. If you market a business in your local area, you will consider most of other businesses as your competition, right? In internet marketing, it’s quite different. Competition is still present in the web, but most of the time, competitors and entrepreneurs will tend to help each other instead to drive traffic into their website. They will tend to produce backlinks or the so called wheels wherein in they share content with each other and making an individual backlinks into their designated websites. If you’re business is quite new and some other business owners with an already stable revenue will like your content, they may ask you to share your website content into their website so that people visitors who visit their sites will know that a new website with GOOD content is existing and must be visited by them as well – this is what referral is in content marketing. Your referrer will get a good content for their old website, and you in turn will tend to get a part of their stable traffic shared to you, isn’t that great?
  • Sharing – another important value of content marketing is passive sharing. This thing is very simple, if you have a great content in your website, visitors in your website will tend to share your content into their friends, family, etc. With that, you will have a good widespread of passive sharing not just in your target market, but all across the globe.
  • Revisiting – Another reason why content marketing will boost traffic is through revisiting. Let’s put it this way; I’ve found a very good website that that has the content that I need for my stuffs. Now, your website let’s just say has tons of content that a person could refer to, do you think that a person who found a gold in a boat will just get one bar and will left? If the gold are plenty into that boat that he can’t bring it all with him, do you think this man will return and get some more gold again? That’s how revisiting works at internet marketing! If people will find your website full of content, then people will surely revisit their giving you more and more boost in traffic!
  • Page views – One important value of content marketing again is through page views. Google can detect if a visiting person in your website will browse your website for how many pages, or if a person will just open it, look the first page and will leave. Google will as well judge it accordingly based on its ranking, so it’s important to have a very good content so that people that will visit your website will browse on it and will give you better website traffic and ranking.
  • More will – this might sounds crazy for you, but this value of content marketing for me is the most important. Do you know that a person of no interest will never be able to have success? This saying is very much applicable in content marketing as well. This is proven and tested, if you don’t have any interest and will on the niche that you’re dealing with, you’ll never be able to create a good content as well, so more will and determination is as well a good value in content marketing because it will psychologically aide you in creating a really good content, so be very sure that the niche that you have right now is something that you really like.

So these are your values of content marketing, the soul reason why content will boost your traffic more than SEO alone. I didn’t say not to do SEO anymore, what I mean is that – DON’T LET SEO BE ALONE IN YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY.


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