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Want To Become Famous On Facebook? Here are 10 Tips

Want To Become Famous On Facebook? Here are 10 Tips

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Are you one of the Facebook addicts who think beyond spending hours on end on his/her pages? Do you want others to visit your page regularly? In short, do you want to become famous on Facebook? You need to become hyperactive and resort to all sorts of smart and sometimes, crazy ideas and implement them boldly.

  1. Setting up the account is the first step but is that enough? You must make your arrival felt, at least by your off-line and on-line friends and acquaintances. To keep them interested in your page, tweak your profile. Remember the old wisdom about the first impression being the best ditto? Fill your account pages or fan page with the most interesting facts about you. Who said you can’t lie? Just keep it at the flat ground level that is all!

  1. Building the friends’ list is important to get around in the Facebook space. Do not, in your enthusiasm, go about making friends of all and sundry. There is no harm waiting rather than rushing into unknown territory. You cannot butt in on someone off-hand and ask them to be your friend. You must make it a point to get the others into your circle by participating in online exchanges. Humor helps a lot here.

  1. Hunt for the groups that interest you and join them. Get interactive with like-minded people and start building a good relationship with them. Exchange ideas and offer good-natured advice.

  1. There are hundreds of free advertisement sites. Of course, the ad can’t be blatantly promoting you but should be subtle enough for the curious people to make them explore. Advertise in as many as of these, espousing your cause on Facebook and seeking friendship with people who are into what you are into.

  1. Making friends is important but even more so is to keep them interested in you. If you fail in this, you are not likely to net new friends. Be social with old friends and be the same with new acquaintances who are likely to recommend your page to their friends.

  1. If you find something on the net that will sure interest a majority of your friends, make sure to promptly post the news on your page. People will learn to look for interesting things on your page.

  1. Posting many videos is fine as long as they are interesting but be sure to follow-up.  In many an instance, the follow-up have been known to overtake the original in a big way.

  1. If you have not noticed it, it is a fact that people flock to social mediaPinterest's Big Leap To Make Pinner's Life Easier With New Tools. Read more ... » in most numbers during the afternoons. Let your page be ready with fresh entries for them at the time.

  1. Write quality articles that would be appreciated and post them in article directories and drive the audience to your Facebook account by providing links.

  1. Best of all, engage in something that is unique like out-cooking Gordon Ramsay or out-shouting Amon Amarth and upload it to your Facebook page and become famous.

Adam had been dealing in Wholesale Costume Jewelry before he moved onto working for Boutique hotels Tel Aviv. He has a vibrant profile with experience in content, marketing, floor management to brand engagement.

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  1. Hiii ADAM,
    you shared all the important facts to be famous on facebook. these above mentioned tips and tricks are really Awesome. Thanks for the nice share :)
    Amit Kumar recently posted…Do You Know About These Google Products and Services?My Profile

  2. Thanks Amit for your comment. Glad you find it useful.
    Souvik Mallick recently posted…Want To Become Famous On Facebook? Here are 10 TipsMy Profile

  3. Well said
    I like your idea about engage some thing unique. I think this’s the good way to show your talent and get reputation also. I think i will try with my furniture that i make myself.
    thanks for your sharing,

    Stephan recently posted…Pacifico – A subtle responsive OpenCart theme for fashion storeMy Profile

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