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Guest Blogging : The Best Practice To Do It The Right Way

Guest Blogging : The Best Practice To Do It The Right Way

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Guest blogging is all about exposure and traffic to a blog or site and this is the major platform that people are looking to maximize on at the moment. With the increasing capacity of business and handling readers on the online platform, people are trying to make sure that they capture as much traffic as possible. From the perspective of an owner of a blog, guest blogging is the concept of publishing content that has been created by another author for the purposes of increased traffic, backlinks, exposure or all.

Posts are the main platforms that are making headlines in the current world of blogging and this means an addition to the amount of links is often a welcome idea since it ensures continued traffic. In guest blogging, writers always aim at the site that has a high ranking in search engines along with high traffic which is surely visible.

Over past few years, guest blogging has seriously gained huge value not only in terms of blogging but also in SEOContent Marketing Value And How It Boost Traffic. Read more ... » world. Serious webmaster consider it the best and fastest way to earn high quality links which matters a lot in the field of SEO. If done seriously with a good motive then guest blogging has many other benefits apart from blogging and backlinks. Before discussing any further let’s have a closer look at other aspects of guest blogging.

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The aspects to look out for in guest authors

  • Value addition:- The guest bloggers should be able to add value to your blog on an effective note. This is to mean that their content should be able to supplement your site and enable people to relate to the same with ease. This is a direct pointer to the fact that the bloggers are on a sure path to the eventual reality of increased traffic and relevance in the blogging world. With people gaining a foothold in the market structure, it is important for individuals to make sure that their blogs and websites are able to compete and achieve the best results by adding valuable content to your blog.
  • Uniqueness:- Unique content is always more appealing and it serves to make sure that people are kept interested in the loop in terms of the developing trends. Unique content brings a new wave of orientation that is sure to keep people visiting the site every now and then to check for new interesting content which ensure that the goal of increased traffic is achieved and backlinks are also maximized on. Uniqueness is also a major player in determination of what the market structure is all about and the preference levels that individuals go for.
  • Regular informative content:- Regular and informative content is a plus point to any site and any blogger can get rest assured of complete traffic when they are able to post according to the needs. Regular content makes sure that people are able to adapt to the site and enjoy the style and orientation that is at play. Informative content on the other hand gives the site upper hand over other sites and this provides increased engaged traffic as people look to establish a lasting relationship with the best content available in the market.
  • Experience of the Author: – This is one of most important factor to monitor closely when accepting guest blogging from new authors. The expertise level of the author will help you to perform a quick analysis of what you can expect from the author and what value it will be adding to your site/blog. You can always expect valuable informative content from expert and intermediate author but some new authors do turn out to be a good author if they have enough knowledge in the field they are writing their content for your site/blog.
  • Online presence and Influence of the author: – If the author, happens to have a good online presence and influence then it’s going to help your site a lot not just in terms of value added content but will also give your site/blog more exposure to author’s social circle and presence. Guest authors influence and trust will add trust and value to your site/blog from new traffic coming from author’s online presence and social circle.

Factors that lead to the downfall of a blog or site

  1. Irregular posts:- Readers always like to experience reliability and consistency and if a blog is not providing that then it is as good as doomed. Irregular posts kill a blog literally since they give half hearted commitments in online platform and fail to deliver consistent update to its loyal readers.
  2. Copied content:- Readers often get tired of the same old content that is all around the web. This concept is often a pointer to the reality that the content that is presented in a site should be unique and quality approved. Copied content makes readers lose their interest in the site. A workable site that is tuned to receive all the traffic that is desired is often laced with unique and fresh content that has not seen the light of day in any other site.
  3. Lack of optimization:- Optimization is everything in a blogging. This is because it not only makes sure that people are able to get what they want instantly but it also guarantees that individuals receive a complete service. Lack of optimization will lead to lower rankings and low traffic indeed. It’s a factor which will make a guest author think twice before they plan on guest blogging on your site.

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Benefits of guest blogging

There are plenty of advantages that can be traced from guest blogging and all stem from the principle of a direct and principled approach.

Benefits of Guest blogging

Benefits of Guest blogging Chart

  • Credibility – High Quality Backlinks:- Guest blogging ensures that the guest authors are able to provide a site with a credible status in terms of the capacity to serve and deliver what is needed for further information. As far as SEO benefit is concerned, a credible site is given maximum priority in search engines which not only makes sure that good value is passed on to the credible site but it also guarantees visibility and exposure. Search engines consider it a high quality backlinks.
  • Exposure:- Along with traffic guest blogging ensures maximum exposure and visibility of the author and the site he promotes through guest blogging. Reaching to new audience and gaining their trust has never been so easy. Guest blogging made it possible and it can be done with ease.
  • Reliability:- Guest blogging triggers reliability. Reliability also manifests in terms of the ability of the site to maintain a constant relationship with the author and the reader of the site by providing specific targeted information which the reader wants to know.
  • Better Engagement:-If the site is having good traffic and engaging readership, then while guest blogging on the site you can be rest assured about getting more engagement on your content if it is worthy of note and adding value to that site. It’s extremely beneficial for both the site owner and the guest author.
  • Social MediaPinterest's Big Leap To Make Pinner's Life Easier With New Tools. Read more ... » Interaction:- The social media platform can be served as a tool for promotion and social media interaction. With this in mind, guest blogging makes sure that the authors who publish content are able to interact and hence build up a large network of communication which can only serve as a plus to the site due to the traffic and backlinks that will be generated in the process.
  • Enhancing Social Media Circle:- When guest post is posted on a site, both the site owner and the guest author promote the post on their social media circle. As a result, it enhances the change of getting more subscribers, fans or friends from respective circle to the other. It increases the number of fans or followers for both the site owner and the guest author.
  • Gaining Authorship and Subject Authority:- Crafting a well-researched, informative article for guest posting will not only show your expertise in the area but will also help you gain trust both in the eyes of the reader and also in the eyes of the search engines. It will help you increase your authorship, author trust and last but not the least, your subject authority in search engine which have a very high future-facing value in the field of SEO.
  • Healthy Blogging Relationship:- Blogging is a passion and profession for many, so it’s always wise to maintain a healthy relation with the bloggers in a blogging community. Continuation of the above will not only help in maintaining a good relationship with quality writers who might be interested to guest post on your blog/site but will also help you connect with other top internet marketers which can result in possible future profitable ventures.

Final Thoughts: – Guest blogging has already proven to be of huge value in terms of traffic generation, exposure, visibility, social media enhancement and high quality backlinks. Make proper use of it and add it to your regular content marketing[Infographics] 25 Top Content Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Use. Read more ... » strategy to maximize profit which is already elaborated in 2014 SEO trends. Don’t just guest blog for the purpose of getting backlink, guest blog to maximize all the benefits it can offer. If done properly, you can hit the goldmine :) .

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About Souvik Mallick

Souvik Mallick is a Seo Consultant and Search engine optimization specialist. He is also the owner and CEO of the SEO firm Phoenix Web Media.He is a professional SEO & SMO expert, been in internet marketing line for more than 6 years and believes in doing white hat seo and loves to experiment new SEO and link building strategies.Contact Me on Google Plus:- Souvik Mallick


  1. Guest posting is really important for our website and can help us get free content and traffic, but we should make sure that our blog quality is not compromised due to accepting low quality posts. Thank you so much for sharing this great article that can help us define a quality guest posts and find highly skilled and authority guest authors.
    Qasim recently posted…OXL.in: Buy and sell Products onlineMy Profile

  2. Very nice article
    i think guest blogging is a good strategy for blogger to increase their wiring skill and reputation also. But we have to guarantee the quality of posts to make sure iit’s not effect to our site.
    thanks for your sharing.

    Stephan recently posted…Pacifico – A subtle responsive OpenCart theme for fashion storeMy Profile

  3. I saw this from one of the comments you made on Kingged.com and had to come here to read this.

    Very comprehensive and well written article, I have to say. Anyone that is still wondering whether they should do guest blogging or not, they should read this article to learn not just why but also how to do it right.

    But what’s your take on the possibility of Google doing something to limit the effect of guest blogging re SEO, in the not-too-distant future?

    As far as I am concerned, if done right – it will be very hard for Google to even detect or do something about guest blogging, but what do you think about it?
    Kingsley recently posted…How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement by 275% – InfographicMy Profile

    • I am also expecting that too be happening very soon. If you will check every post on 2014 seo, you will find guest blogging on it. This is what i can say, Google can put barriers and restrictions but i will always say you will always have a choice.

      1. Guest blog on others site, considering it to be your own site. Only then you can add value to the content you are publishing.

      2. Writing a 300-400 words article for every guest post isn’t good. These is no hard-n-first rule on word count but write something meaningful. (can be one indicator to google that you are just doing it for backlinks)

      3. Don’t just write for search engines focusing on keywords, write for the site’s audience. If your post is too much over optimized with keyword then it can be another indicator to google that you are just doing it for backlinks.

      4. Try to link to authority sites link inside the post, not just your sites.

      5. Always try to add your links in your author bio. It will always keep you safe.

      As said earlier guest blogging has huge potential but again Google can find out which guest post is off high quality and which one is off low quality. So do it well and you can maximize the benefit from guest blogging.
      Souvik Mallick recently posted…[Infographics] 25 Top Content Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should UseMy Profile

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