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Importance of Hashtags in Your Daily Social Media Marketing

Importance of Hashtags in Your Daily Social Media Marketing

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What is a hashtag?

Hashtag is a word or a phrase with # sign prefixed to it without any space such as #WorldCup or #BMW. The # sign links together different posts of social mediaPinterest's Big Leap To Make Pinner's Life Easier With New Tools. Read more ... », and relates them to a certain topic. Topics may relate to any happening, or a thought such as a live show, sports event, TV show or a trend one might be interested in. Initially, hashtags used to be created on twitter only, but nowadays they are being used on FacebookWant To Become Famous On Facebook? Here are 10 Tips. Read more ... », PinterestPinterest's Big Leap To Make Pinner's Life Easier With New Tools. Read more ... », GoogleGoogle Says Duplicate Content Won’t hurt your site unless its spammy. Read more ... »+, Linkedin, Instagram, Vine, and Tumblr. Hashtag helps a user on social networking sites to filter conversation incorporated with that hashtag and also display the feeds of messages having the same hashtag. Recently, Facebook has now become the newest social network to incorporate hashtag feature for use by its users. Facebook users are excited to have this application on this popular social media. The posts with hashtags on personal profiles meant for private use only are available to one’s chosen audience, friends and family while those on business profiles are for viewing by general public as in case of posts without hashtags.

What is the point of a hashtag?

Basically it’s like a tag or keyword we normally use in regular websites but for social media its appended with a #. A hashtag facilitates one to add a context to his post, and signifies it to be a part of a more comprehensive debate or discussion on the content of the post. Furthermore, It helps to connect to people interested on the same topic, a particular event, or thought to share and contribute their ideas on it. It simply increases the visibility and search on any particular topic.

How to use hashtags?

Using hashtags is simple. One has to add just the prefix # to a word or a phrase without any space between them to create a hashtag.  It can be placed at the beginning or in the middle of the post or anywhere in the post. If one has to post a business related matter he can use hashtag to make it all the more social, enhance visibility, share discussion, promote his business interests, and explore for latest ideas on a topic. Adding hastags to a personal profile facilitates it to be shared by those it has been meant for.

To help you select proper hastags about all latest and popular hashtags, please visit hashtag directory.

How the misuse of Hagtags can be avoided

The excessive use of hashtags is detrimental to its efficacy. Researches reveal that a tweet with a hashtag gets engagements double of a tweet containing no hashtag. Limiting hashtags to two per tweet is rewarding in the sense that a tweet containing just one or two hashtags get 21% more engagements in comparison to those having three hashtags or more. At the same time, in case of tweets using three or more hashtags the engagement decreases by 17%. So don’t abuse it if you want to make full use of it.

Note:-A hashtag should not be too long, complicated, unattractive, and hard to memorize. One desirous of incorporating his hashtag to various channels, should keep in mind the maximum/minimum character restrictions imposed by the related social networks. While coining a hashtag, just use something short, easy to spell and remember.

Facebook HashtagsFacebook Hashtags:- Not many days, Facebook implemented the hashtag feature for public conversation on Facebook. The use of hashtag on Facebook is simple. As in Twitter, the # sign is prefixed to a phrase or word to create a hashtag on Facebook. It facilitates persons to access various Facebook posts relating to an event, idea, topic or any conversation. If one has to find messages regarding a Pope Francis then he could enter #PopeFrancis. The hashtag is of immense value to businesses when it comes to Social Media and Social Media Marketing. One can explore hastags related to his niche on the Facebook as in case of Twitter. He can easily get the discussions related to his niche on the Facebook. Similarly, one can have live chats with persons interested in his niche with the help of hashtags, and can also search out his competitors. But in the end it’s all about money. Implementation of hashtags on Facebook has potentially increased advertising opportunities for marketers. Now, advertisers can narrow down their targeted audience with the help of hashtags using social retargetingEffectiveness of Facebook Retargeting. Read more ... ».



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Pinterest Hashtags:- Pinterest being one of the fastest growing social networking site, is actually an online site for visual bookmaking and a great source of traffic for everyone. The use of hashtag in Pinterest is no different from its use in Facebook or Twitter and is of immense benefits. It is a goldmine of information, and hence on personal level the use of hashtag connects one to all that matters, with increased visibility across all the pinners. But unlike Facebook and Twitter, hashtags are not clickable in pinterest. It just helps in getting more visibility when searched for that term, gets more likes and more repins. Below is an example of 2 pins one with hashtags and one without hastags.



Pins Comparison

The use of hashtag on other social media such as Google+, Linkedin, Instagram, Vine, Tumbir, and the likes proves a powerful tool for business promotion as these social media provides a variety of participants on their sites. Both personal as well as business interests can be promoted by the use of hashtag to find content, competitor, information, and connections. If you are not using it properly, then you are missing out something big.

Thats all for now folks. If you have any good tips Great Ideato share then follow the comment box.

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