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Social Media 2014: It is Happening Now

Social Media 2014: It is Happening Now

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Social media users number some 1.73 billion people around the world as of today. That is roughly one in four residents of this world. FacebookWant To Become Famous On Facebook? Here are 10 Tips. Read more ... » itself has 173,284,940 people latched on to it in the U.S… The worldwide figure is for it is 835,525,280. Figures are not available for 2014 though predictions say that there are going to be 2.5billion people who are into social mediaPinterest's Big Leap To Make Pinner's Life Easier With New Tools. Read more ... » activities in 2017.  But, we can see that there is a constant transition around cyberspace. The continuing evolution has upped the ante in favor of imageries.

Images v/s text

Almost all mobile devices, irrespective of whether they are smartphones or some ordinary models, sport a camera. Web itself is getting upgraded to high-definition fast. The stress is going to be on bigger and better images than texts. Like they say, pictures tell what a thousand words say in social media circles. An estimated 400,000,000 images are slated to be shared on a daily basis through three of the most influential social websites: Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook.  When you include the other biggies GoogleGoogle Says Duplicate Content Won’t hurt your site unless its spammy. Read more ... », PinterestPinterest's Big Leap To Make Pinner's Life Easier With New Tools. Read more ... » and Snapchat, you begin to see the ever growing Moby Dick that is social media networking.

Industries That will Go for Images

photo: colourworks

photo: colourworks

Pinterest has raised $225 million to better operate. This venture capital increase has skyrocketed its value to $3.8 billion. You have to hand it to Pinterest. A spurt in traffic will see revenue going up manifold. While retailers are going to benefit handsomely, brands that use Pinterest will closely follow. If they miss the bus, they know, they would be left very far behind and catching up will be that much more difficult. Obamacare or not, health industries will have to latch on to Pinterest wagon to go northward. The other industries in the same boat are financial services and the down-in-the-dump realty business. Images and photos will skillfully humanize brands by appealing visually rather than make the audience read text.

Ad Spending

Photo: go-gulf

Photo: go-gulf

Ad spending by established and new brands is going to increase too. If the same yardstick that is used to measure personal photo-sharing is used to measure brand realization, the brands can only take more and more to social media.

From the trends that one can see presently, the ad spends on social media platforms are going to increase considerably. Since the audience is very targeted and the followers can be selected according to every campaign, the spends are realized in a much better way and the ROI is way better.

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook exchanges and Tweets are being routinely put to use by brands to increase their visibility. This user generated messages favoring the brands go a long way in reaching new and untested customers. The user generated content (UGC) will be pushed into the sites and the imagery in the contents will be easily identified by people if they are exposed to them repeatedly. What more incentive do they need to make a purchase than witnessing their peers using the products?

The brands used their social properties for various purposes. Campaigns reach a bigger number of audience than it could have in the past. The internet, which is a two way communication medium, comes specifically to light because there is an engagement and a buzz that various brands can create on their feeds. Promotional messages, fun activities, contests, freebies, testers, you name it and its there on their social media feed. The best part is, they get a feedback to what they are producing right there; in front of everyone, It depends on the brand how they can convert it for their good. There are some amazing examples that signify how brands have used the power of social media. One of the most recent examples of the video content pushed through social media that became a huge success was the real women campaign by Dove. The whole campaign was beautifully strategized and executed by their social agency and converted many campaign onlookers into loyal customers.

The past decade has seen a steep decline in face-to-face contact between people. The impact of this is felt far more among the young people than the matured audience. This, although does not at all completely scrap off the indulgence of the older people in social media and online activities. The participation is huge in numbers and way more than one could have imagined in the past years. 2014 will see an accentuated activity online and the more intimate physical exchange will become rarer. Social media network may even gobble up the traditional exchange of ideas if not in 2014, soon thereafter.

Many internet marketingContent Marketing Value And How It Boost Traffic. Read more ... » firms are seeing these terms seriously. Firms like RN new,imarketeeer, smantha mark, SmithSEO are preferring new techniques over the classic ones.

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  1. Images have always attracted the readers attention more than a wall of text.
    If you make a test, promoting your content via Facebook for example, leaving just a link with a text will get much worse results than adding a catchy picture.
    People love nice and funny images!

    Thanks for sharing, interesting points.
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted…First Giveaway at KlinkkMy Profile

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