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The Conversion Rate and Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

The Conversion Rate and Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

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What is conversion rate?

The conversion rate under Internet marketingContent Marketing Value And How It Boost Traffic. Read more ... » refers to the proportion of visitors to a website initiating action after going beyond visiting the website or casually viewing the content. It may happen due to a direct or subtle promptings from advertisers, marketers, and creators of content. The conversion rate is defined as number of goal achievements divided by visits. In short, percentage of visitors initiating targeted action is the conversion rate. The sale of a product to a customer who first evinced interest in the commodity due to his clicking an advertisement is a conversion for an online retailer. For a content creator a conversion may signify a newsletter subscription, membership registration, software download or other activities.

Factors affecting conversion rate optimization

The two main factors affecting conversions rates are the easiness of the process to visit the site, and attractiveness of the offers. The value of the item, and its way of presentation make it attractive. It is worth mentioning that the conversion rate of smaller impulse items is fairly higher than that of large sized shopping products. The ease of the process refers to usability of the site, navigation suitability, and the speed of loading of pages.

How mechanism of conversion optimization works?

The increase in conversion rate or conversion rate optimization refers to the method of developing an experience for a website or creating a landing page for visitors with target of enhancing the percentage of visitors converting into leads/customers. The increase in conversion rate underlines the process of enhancing website leads as well as sales without any extra expenditure for enticing larger number of visitors and by decreasing bounce rate. It has to be researched out which images, headlines or content are helpful in converting larger number of visitors into leads/customers. For example :- One school of marketers focus on the approach to enhance a campaign, a landing page, or a website conversion rates. The other school stresses the pretesting stage of the process of optimization. Under the second approach, the time and money will be invested on comprehending the audience, and then targeted message will be devised which attracts the selected audience.


Conversion Rate Optimization – Tips to increase conversion!


Traffic and conversions are the most important aspects to be consider for augmenting one’s bank account. Traffic can be bought and sold, and so, it boils down to conversion as the most significant of all. The first approach of marketers should be getting into the minds of the consumers. Though, it is not easier, it is not impossible either. Asking customers the problem they face is a beginning in the right direction as it shows one’s concern for them. It helps win their confidence and trust in you. Following the visitors through zopim- a live chat mechanism- on one’s site is the second tip for increasing conversion. It facilitates text chatting with, and estalking, the visitors to the site. Thirdly, there are a number of tracking tools available, and one can use one to gather vital data which is nothing but power. The knowledge about a traffic source converting more provides one with the insight which traffic they should focus on to increase the conversion rates. Gathering Data and analysing them is of vital importance when it comes to Conversion Rate Optimization and creating a profitable campaign. Next, using simple designs is helpful as complicated ones dispel visitors. A catchy headline, copy, bullet points, and an image can do the trick for a person desirous of enhancing conversion. Starting with white background, proper fonts, attractive elements such as arrows hand drawn, dazzling button color, attention grabbing images, and a person eyeing the object one likes to be spotted by the visitors are the basics of designing effective to increase conversion rates.  
The tweak and split test is the other approach to maximizing conversion. Testing headlines as well as all web pages is possible through A/B split tests. The rate of conversion can be increased by the use of human faces as they attract visitors towards a similar point of interest. Web analytics and click-mapping facilitate one to have a glimpse of the consumer mentality. By the multivariate test permits one to test various aspects of one’s page at a given time. It accelerates the process to get one the winning version quicker than A/B test. The usability testing is another tool used to maximize conversion rates.


These are the basic tips. Sticking with the basics can net you more rather than experimenting and reinventing the wheel. If you have any good tips Great Ideato share then follow the comment box.

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